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Thursday, November 11

'Let Them Live' Pro-Life Talk

Emily Berning, president of the nonprofit organization 'Let Them Live', will be giving a pro-life talk over Zoom to Students for Life at UMSL. Emily will be...

CUMU Learning & Sharing Virtual Series

The CUMU Learning & Sharing Virtual Series is a free, CUMU members-only program focused on critical dialogue with practical takeaways that create action....

Laying Imposter Syndrome to Rest: The Systems Approach, Part Three

Commit to Success Zoom Workshops: This empowering workshop wraps up the 3-part series with a laser focus on the larger, systematic issues and isms that fuel...

Whose Live Anyway?

Prepare to laugh until you cry when four of the world’s most masterful improv artists take you on the high wire act of comedic acrobatics. The rapid-fire wit...

Thursday, November 11