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Thursday, November 4

Passing Trains That Have No Name: John Barriger's Railroad Scrapbooks

The Mercantile's Barriger Curator, Nick Fry, will discuss and show one of the true gems of our railroad collection: the John W. Barriger III Scrapbooks. This...

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Commit to Success Zoom Workshops: Come and review rights you may not know you have. Presented in partnership with the UMSL Police Department. Join...

Bunka no Hi

The Japanese department and JASA are proud to present Bunka no Hi again this year. This time, we will celebrate on two separate days, November 1st and 4th...

Turning Pain into Purpose: The Role of Behavioral Health Specialists in Decreasing Police Brutality and Police Killings of Unarmed African Americans

Politicians, the clergy, the media, criminal justice specialists, legal specialists and concerned citizens have weighed-in on how to decrease police-related...

Emerging Technology:  How I.T. and Accounting Click!

Learn how modern technology is impacting the accounting profession. Accountants are embracing technology to become more valuable professionals.

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Research, Advocacy, Policy and System Change (R.A.P.S) join us the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month to discuss opportunities and needs for research to...

Thursday, November 4