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Tuesday, January 24


Get your resume ready for the UMSL Spring 2023 Career Fair Friday, March 10, 2023! Send your resume to:  resumemania@umsl.edu for a review between the...

Study Abroad MSC Bridge Information Table

Stop by the MSC Bridge to learn about studying abroad --- Event Details: https://tritonconnect.umsl.edu/rsvp?id=376213

Triton Pantry

Open Hours --- Event Details: https://tritonconnect.umsl.edu/rsvp?id=376122

Involvement 101: Benefits of Being Involved

Learn about the different opportunities for involvement at UMSL and how each activity provides unique rewards! Get connected on campus with an engaging...

Crafts and Chats

Come join us as we make bracelets, do some coloring, and meet new people! --- Event Details: https://tritonconnect.umsl.edu/rsvp?id=376097

Faculty Senate Meeting

As part of UMSL's shared governance, the Faculty Senate meets monthly to share information and participate in discussions.

New Student Social

Stop by and meet fellow new students at UMSL! Light refreshments and a tater-tot bar will be served. The Recreation and Wellness Center and the Library will...

Beta Alpha Psi event - IRS Criminal Investigations

The IRS Criminal Investigations agents will be here to tell students about their very interesting training and career opportunities. This event will be held...

IRS Criminal Investigations

The IRS has a special division that investigates tax fraud and other criminal activity. If you thought that a career with the IRS was reviewing tax returns,...

IRS Criminal Investigations

The IRS has a special division that investigates criminal activity. These agents are not typical tax reviewers. The training for IRS Criminal...

Tuesday, January 24