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Academic Affairs facilitates excellence in learning among our diverse student body; faculty research and creative/artistic activities, teaching, and service; economic development; public affairs; the personal and professional development of all members of the campus community; and faculty, staff, student, and alumni continuous lifelong learning.

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Commit to Success Workshops: How Life Works Series:  Being a Young Professional

What is professionalism in the work place? Does it look different when you leave the work place? Come and see how you can dress up your wardrobe, resume,...

4/2 3pm
Commit to Success Workshops: How Life Works Series: Job Hunting

Whether you are a graduating Senior looking for a full-time job or an underclassman looking for an internship, come discover strategies and tips for a...

4/3 4pm
Commit to Success Workshops: How Life Works Series:  Let Me Be Great!

How do you advocate for yourself in a way that reflects integrity and professionalism? Come learn more about UMSL’s community standards as well as...

4/4 10am
Commit to Success Workshops: Major Discovery – College Of Education

Come join the College of Education as they discuss what is new and bring you up to date on changes that may affect you.

4/8 1pm
Commit to Success Workshops: The end of the semester is near… Are you prepared to close out successfully?

Have you been preparing for the final weeks of the semester? Do you have plans or goals for the next semester? Please join us as we discuss the components...

4/9 10am

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