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Academic Affairs facilitates excellence in learning among our diverse student body; faculty research and creative/artistic activities, teaching, and service; economic development; public affairs; the personal and professional development of all members of the campus community; and faculty, staff, student, and alumni continuous lifelong learning.

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Safer by the Numbers: “One Million Pagodas” (Hyakumantō) and Empress Shōtoku’s Prayer for the Protection of the State

A lecture by Dr. Akiko Walley, Maude I. Kerns Associate Professor of Japanese Art at the University of Oregon. Register Here.

11/2 3:30pm
Greek Film Series: God Loves Caviar

God Loves Caviar By Yannis Smaradgis and Alexandros Film Co. Ltd. (2012) The Greek pirate who turned businessman, Ioannis Varvakis, made his fortune selling...

11/7 7pm
Greek Film Series: The Last Night

The Last Night, directed by Yorgos Gkikapeppas and produced by the COSMOTE History Channel, is the fictionalized life story of Count Ioannis Kapodistrias,...

12/5 7pm
The Greek War of Independence in Greek Cinema: A Talk by Dr. Vassiliki Rapti

How does Greek cinema represent the Greek War of Independence? How many films on this topic have been produced thus far and why? Which genre prevails and...

12/19 7pm

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