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Academic Affairs facilitates excellence in learning among our diverse student body; faculty research and creative/artistic activities, teaching, and service; economic development; public affairs; the personal and professional development of all members of the campus community; and faculty, staff, student, and alumni continuous lifelong learning.

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Commit to Success Zoom Workshops: Relationships are hard! In this workshop, students will take time to compare healthy relationships vs. unhealthy...

4/19 2:30pm
Seeking Inspiration: How the Japanese  Mountain Witch Encourages Artistic Creativity

In this interview, renowned scholar Dr. Rebecca Copeland shares insights and thoughts on literary, artistic, and scholarly encounters with an elusive figure...

4/19 3:30pm
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Commit to Success Zoom Workshops: Join us as we explore Graduate Business Programs and Certificates with Graduate Business School Advisors. Application...

4/20 12pm
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Commit to Success Zoom Workshops: Would you like to feel more connected to your peers and the UMSL community? Discover and discuss why getting connected on...

4/21 10:30am
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Commit to Success Zoom Workshops: Come connect with other students and discover strategies that will assist you in having a successful first year at UMSL....

4/23 12pm

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