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Student Outreach and Support

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SOS works to align, enhance and advocate for academic support services and college access initiatives across the university and within the broader St. Louis region. We provide a comprehensive support model to implement strategies and practices that promote student achievement.

The SOS unit includes Student Enrichment and Achievement, which provides targeted support and workshops for students facing academic challenges. An experienced team of success coaches partner with you to create a culture of enrichment and achievement through a commitment to holistic and individualized support. SEA also provides oversight for the early alert system, which initiates electronic communications when a student experiences a success barrier in a course in partnership with faculty and other support service departments.

The University Tutoring Center provides students with a variety of learning tools. When you utilize these services, you'll be equipped with effective study skills, strategies and resources that enhance your overall learning experience and empower you to achieve student success. UTC provides individualized tutorial services, group tutorial sessions, alumni tutoring, online tutorial support and study hall, all intentionally designed to promote academic success. 

University Student Support provides comprehensive support services for all students, which includes academic coaching, professional development, mentoring and Commit to Success workshops to engage you in a variety of pertinent topics relevant to UMSL students.

UMSL’s TRIO Student Support Services program seeks to facilitate the transfer of participants from two-year to four-year institutions while increase the college retention and graduation rates of student participants.

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[Artificial Intelligence Series] Career Exploration

Commit to Success Workshops: In this informative workshop, we'll explore how artificial intelligence can help you conduct an in-depth analysis of various...

9/28 11am
Choosing Your Major

Commit to Success Workshops: Are you in the correct major? Do you know what you want to do after graduation? Do you want to know more major options? Join us...

9/29 10:30am
Time Management - Halftime

Commit to Success Workshops: Does it seem as if the first half of the semester has flown by and you didn’t even realize it? Don’t worry, you can learn how to...

10/2 10am
Avoiding Burnout

Commit to Success Zoom Workshops: Let's talk about burnout so that we can try to avoid it as you are nearing the middle of the semester. Learn ways to manage...

10/2 6:30pm
Learning How to Learn

Commit to Success Zoom Workshops: Have you struggled to remember course material, even after hours of reading and studying? Through a combination of brief...

10/3 1pm

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