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Firearms are the most lethal means used in a suicide attempt. In fact, 90% of people who attempt suicide with a firearm will perish and two out of every three firearm-related deaths in the United States is suicide. In an effort to prevent the tragedy of suicide the Safer Homes Collaborative presents Conversations for Suicide Safer Homes - a suicide prevention training developed for all audiences. CSSH informs participants of the role they can play in preventing suicide by reducing access to lethal means, particularly firearms.

Conversations for Suicide Safer homes teaches participants to identify the warning signs and risk factors for suicide and how to put time and distance between the person at risk and lethal means. Safe, responsible, and legal options for reducing access to lethal means as a way to prevent tragedy are also presented. Participants who’ve attended previous versions of this training found it offers respectful and practical tips that focus on increasing safety, and are not anti-gun, but rather anti-suicide.


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