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UMSL 2021 Commencement Ceremonies

Each college ceremony is available through a link on the main commencement portal where the full ceremony videos include:

  • Message from the dean
  • Conferral of degrees and turning of tassels
  • Presentation of graduates

2021 Commencement Ceremony Schedule Below: 

Saturday, May 15 

9 a.m. - College of Arts and Sciences

11 a.m. - College of Education / SUCCEED Certificate Program

1 p.m. - College of Business Administration

2 p.m. - College of Optometry

3 p.m. - College of Nursing

5 p.m. - UMSL/Washington University Joint Undergraduate Engineering Program

5 p.m. - School of Social Work

You may access any of these virtual events through the main commencement portal here beginning at 8am on May 15th. 

Saturday, May 15 at 5:00pm