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It’s your first year at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and you want to succeed! The First Year Experience (FYE) program was designed to help you excel in the classroom and adjust to life as a Triton whether you're a first year or transfer student. Challenges? Fears? Obstacles? FYE provides you with the resources and support to overcome these barriers to success.

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Join us for some fun during lunch in the Nosh at the Millennium Student Center (MSC)! We will have bingo cards, music, and chances to win prizes.

1/24 11am

Self Defense- Escape and Evade training (provided by the UMSL Police Department) is a hands-on self defense course that teaches how to escape an attack or...

1/24 1pm

This event is being postponed due to the increased number of COVID cases and a campus commitment to reduce in-person meetings and events during this...

1/25 11am

Join your friendly UMSL Librarians to learn about the basics of academic research. How do you find materials at the library? What counts as a scholarly...

1/25 2pm

What it is: UPB Drawing Contest Theme: New Year Goals and/or Resolutions OR What are you most excited for this spring semester? When it is: Starts January...

1/26 12am

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