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Social Sciences and Business Building/Tower (SSB)

Across from Lucas Hall and connected to Express Scripts Hall is the Social Sciences and Business Building.

The College of Business Administration is located in this building along with their Advising offices. This building stays busy as you can find the largest computer lab on campus and the Math and Academic Writing Center here in SSB along with many classrooms.

The Economics Department and the Economics Tutoring Lab is also located in this building. You will also hear of people refer to "The Tower" just outside of SSB. The tower is home to the Gateway to Online and Adult Learning office as well as many faculty offices.

SSB is also home to the UMSL School of Social Work, offering BSW and MSW programs, as well as the Gerontology program.

1 University Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 63121-4400

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Coffee and Conversation Research Series | School of Social Work

February 5th What does justice look like for survivors of intimate partner violence? Dr. Annah Bender, University of Missouri-St. Louis (Social Work) Dr....

4/15 11am

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